Brand Guide

A Style Guide for Northstar Digital Literacy

01 Logos

Northstar logo lockup
Northstar logo lockup alternates

To provide ultimate flexibility and application across a wide array of uses, the Northstar logo can be displayed in a number of different ways.

There are two primary logo orientations - stacked and horizontal. Both are preferred and context should dictate which one is used appropriately. There is also a "minified" version that consists of only the logo mark. Additionally, all 3 of these options can be used on a reversed field or in a one color usage.

Download the NDL Logos zip file to obtain high resolution versions of all the different logo permutations. Each logo variant is offered in PNG and EPS file formats.

02 Colors

Download the color palette for Sketch.

03 Typography


Lato Family



Lato is a modern and clean typeface available on Google's Font Directory.

Download the Lato Family to use on all NDL-branded materials.